Cathy needs a drink


Do you remember those ads for CRAFTMATIC adjustable beds on TV years ago?

Back then it sounded pretty luxurious and I wanted one.

Now I have one out of need and I’m not sure….

I mean- I have the need as my torso muscles are weak which makes it a challenge to lift myself from true horizontal.

Two brawny guys brought my new bed yesterday and I wasn’t quite prepared;

A twin semi-automatic bed (no- SMALLER) seems to say:

1. No more sex or men in bed with you EVER AGAIN. (not that I’ve been hankering in this direction but DON’t TELL ME WHAT I CAN’t HAVE says Cathy’s inner 5 year old).

2. You have a fuckin’ HOSPITAL BED in your otherwise lovely home!!!!!

3. You are infirm! Broken! Not whole anymore! And here’s PROOF! (I go through this with every new piece of hardware I get…. walker, wheelchair,brace).

OK…reality check: I am really pretty fine, considering. I am blessed to have insurance which covers these various aids at no cost. Pushing a button to elevate my legs feels amazingly good. Pushing another button to rise and watch SCANDAL on TV feels even better. I can get into and out of bed easier. There is still room for a dog should one arrive. A man worth his salt would never let space stand in the way of “whatever.”

My go-to mantra for times like these when new and ego-antagonizing stuff is happening goes like this:

“Cathy, do you deserve support?”


“OK then. Just enjoy and get on with it.”



4 Responses to “Cathy needs a drink”

  1. Adele on May 14th, 2015

    The man can carry you to his bed
    Have fun with it
    Most of us end up in one at some point
    Nothing better for watching tv xo

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on May 14th, 2015

    How is Scandal? Worth watching?

  3. Cathy on May 14th, 2015

    Very much to my taste. Smart, fast, raw, gorgeous, intriguing, fab clothes

  4. Carrie Eckhold on May 14th, 2015

    A friend of mine had a frame built around hers to take
    away the mechanical look of it. That satisfied her. She was much more comfortable though and was glad for it. My braces come in different
    forms. God I wish I could stop by with the makings of your favorite
    drink, and just stay too long…..

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