God Is Bored

“FLY GIRL”, 14x14x4″, shell,bone,gravel,dirt




I think God is bored.
Suppose we were to be the main event;
The entertainment if you will?
Sorrow and fighting
And lock-down minds
So sure and garish in false glitter
Meant to impress.
God is bored, I tell you.

The food God likes to eat is us;
Supple with eyes slightly wet
From hearts so over-filled
They have to spill over
And drip down wrinkled cheeks
To fall on the head
Of a newborn at the breast
Which is God’s breast.

I have friends.
They shine brightly
And always carry a lamp
When they visit me
So I may keep walking
Down my road
Which gets dark and scary
And lonely at times.
I hug the wall
And they don’t let me.
They are God
Masquerading as my dance partners.

God likes the Rolling Stones.
Keith Richards in particular.
The music they make
Is God’s voice
But so is Hitler’s
And that thought
Is anything but boring.
So I guess duality
Certainly was a good creation
On God’s part.

Thinking of God being bored
Makes me want to hurry up
And do something
Like dance
In my wheelchair
Limbs all akimbo
To The Rolling Stones;
Let it rip.
Shyness R.I.P.
I open myself to pray.
Give God
A damn good show.





4 Responses to “God Is Bored”

  1. Paul on May 21st, 2015

    Give God a damn good show, Cathy. You’ve made me laugh and cry, and I’m ready to swing you around.

  2. Carole Zoom on May 21st, 2015

    may I have this dance?

    Brilliant poem!

  3. Adele Rosen on May 22nd, 2015


  4. Jenny on May 29th, 2015

    Such a delight to mix God, bored, Roling Stones ( and I heard Roling on the River and Tina Turner with Mick too), Hitler, heart filled tears and dancing and you and even us. Into a crazy gorgeous light filled tumble of unity.

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