Out-rolling Rain

stormy weather
40×40″, m/m


Santa Fe is uncharacteristically rainy this Spring.

Today, I braved the clouds; close to black in places and heavy like a new mothers’ breast too long full.

I needed food so I ventured to the nearby store.

Weather excites me.

I am a Michigander by birth and we seem keen on pushing limits and taking stupid chances weather-wise, confident that bargaining with God will always land in our favor.

I threw my chair into high gear and cruised slightly out of control between the cloud play…praying all the way.

Laughing as I hit potholes and skirting old puddles I turned the mid-way corner onto a narrow sidewalk cutting through overgrown weeds and wildflowers.

The leaves slapped my skirt like wet, rain-laden hands poking fun at the wheelchair girl on a mission.

Big, close THUNDER!

My brother is a pilot for SOUTHWEST. A captain in fact.

I think of him up there navigating skies like these, attempting a soft ride for his passengers.

In a jet I appreciate as close to zero weird and scary stimuli as the pilot can manage

But here on the ground..today..I love the electricity of not knowing.

Will I outwit the storm? I can see my destination but I just felt a drop and I am already wet from knees down from the wet, slapping weeds.

Do I need kale this badly?

Kale is just the excuse..

I am out here…


Wet and wild and wonderfully alive.

(Yes, I am purposefully not answering the question of whether I made it or not in time! After all is said and done it’s all about the journey anyway)



3 Responses to “Out-rolling Rain”

  1. gerry harty on June 13th, 2015

    OMG…having lived in Santa Fe I can picture your adventure …and the feeling of total freedom!!!…you are the best Cathy xoxo

  2. Jenny on June 14th, 2015

    You write so I can feel it, see it -the heavy almost descending clouds, the warm earth longing for moisture , and I laughed as I read this suddenly as a break from trying to iron shirts. Yes and , tomorrow I will do something creative

  3. laura Hegfield on June 16th, 2015

    indeed. I loved feeling the electricity, the rain soaked grass on your skirt, your wild abandon… thanks for taking us on this journey…. kale or no kale.

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