Seduction of Story

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I am unfiltered.

I can seem mean.

Parts of me that previously slept comfortably in the bed I carefully made for them are coming awake

And it isn’t pretty.

My sense is that each and every experience we attract is there to teach us something.

So I have to look at the volatile and jarring encounters I am attracting to me.

The common thread seems to be my lack of tolerance for story.

The stories we tell are enchanting in the shared electricity of empathy or understanding and especially agreement.

I told a particular story this past week to a variety of friends and it was cool in the beginning but after a week I was so bored with myself.

A crucial part of me remaining ok within this health challenge involves the moment by moment return from stuck belief (STORY): (I can’t do this…I will be this weak forever..I can’t heal.. THIS IS..)

To: the ALLOWANCE that everything is perfect as it is and that the person or experience is here for my benefit (Yes- the MS).

I was thinking- what if I had nothing to offer you in the way of conversation, art, thoughts, inspiration, beauty, reportage….?

What if we sat still in a room together and just ‘were’; NO STORY WHATSOEVER.

No beliefs, no “I know this and you are so wrong”… no ugly, pretty, smart and not.. no judgement..just stillness.

Would you still be able to feel me without my story?

Would I still interest you?


6 Responses to “Seduction of Story”

  1. Alexis on June 15th, 2015

    oh yes…you would.

  2. Rita Kindl Myers on June 15th, 2015

    Yes! Yes, yes and yes. Silent companionship is something I have recently been craving. I do not know why it seems we cannot enjoy friendship without chatter. Or, perhaps the question should be why do I tire talking? I enjoy my friends. They mean a lot to me. But, lately I have craved the company of friends who can enjoy silence. There is a lot to be said for quiet companionship.

  3. Adele on June 16th, 2015

    I believe it’s an overwhelming YES xx

  4. laura Hegfield on June 16th, 2015

    Oh beautiful shining soul, how could I not?

  5. Paul on June 16th, 2015

    People love a story with heart, emotion, thrills, love, and laughter. One has to feel deeply to tell this kind of story, and Cathy, it comes through in your blog posts loud and clear again and again. It is a gift to be aware of your own thoughts and feelings on a moment to moment basis and be able to communicate them to others in a meaningful way, whether they are kind, mean, funny, sad or otherwise.
    As to self-absorbed stories that weigh us down, people need to tell these stories, too, in order to learn and grow. But these stories must be told to great listeners who can help us find the meaning. A compassionate and wise listener is a valuable friend. Sometimes I’m in a space to hear these stories, and sometimes not. I can be impatient and rude if I’m not in the mood. And self-absorbed story tellers can be clueless as to the listener’s emotional state.
    That’s when silence is effective in gauging another person’s sensitivity. Do they just go on and on? How long does it take someone to notice that you’ve lost interest and become introspective? When I notice someone has stopped listening I will sometimes stop in mid-sentence. What’s going on? Feel the other person’s energy. Let go of self-absorption. Expand awareness. Empathize, feel what they’re feeling. (Easier in person than online.)
    It’s all good.
    Thanks for sharing yourself so honestly.

  6. Jenny on June 24th, 2015

    Yes Cathy, there are people who have experienced or loved or lost or suffered much , wise and humbled by life. They don’t have to tell a story , they are illuminated . But when they do , i listen.

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