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My present life circumstances direct me toward coddling my nervous system.

In Santa Fe this coming weekend is SPANISH MARKET which is a huge tourist draw and rightly so.

This morning I scooted downtown earlier than usual in order to miss the tsunami of sensation seekers; realizing the booths would be in the process of set up and the workers attention on their tasks.

The air was cool and soft. Noise level low, ambient activity purposeful and non-static generating.

Dog walkers, parents seeking benign diversion from constant hyper-vigilance, Emma in my lap.

I settled. Sent my roots down. Closed my eyes behind sunglasses and began to concentrate on my breath.

In love with depth: deeply in……..deeply out……deeply in…..

Suddenly I felt a new energy in my sphere. A scruffy man carrying take-out breakfast wearing thick magnification eyewear sat down at my table.

“Why the chair?” he says rustling aluminum foil.

I chose magnanimity only because he had the courage to ask that question straight out of the gate. I found that interesting.


“OH…I used to take care of 6 people with Parkinsons’ and I really helped them. Supplements were the key and……………..

“I just don’t have the energy this morning to have a conversation so I am going to go find a quiet spot” I say after awhile.

He keeps up his diatribe as I roll away… eager to avoid silence.

Finding quiet again I sit and attempt to get to peace once more.

I realize so many people I love are at this very moment out there in the world working; at the effect of a lengthy queue of scruffy bespectacled conversationalists where I had to deal with just one.

I say no to this and no to that and no once again and then comes a yes but lately those yeses feel lonely and seek more company.

Describing myself as a canary-in-the-mine feels apt.

This heightened alert my body knows too well is the one underneath the coping skills of us all:

The raw preciousness of the gift we are which is LIFE.

But the “other” is Life too.

Just breathe.

Just breathe………..

The never-ending journey to “YES”


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  1. Alexandra Eldridge on July 25th, 2015


  2. KK Wilder on July 25th, 2015

    Oh beautiful canary, what a loving song you sing.

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