Making Room

“CLOSE”, 40×40″,2002,m/m


Someone I love ever so deeply feels quite differently than I do politically.

This has not caused distance in the past because we both respect one another enough to recognize where we do not meet, put a lid on it and walk on in compartmentalized sync.

The realm of FACEBOOK and social media have introduced a casualness to communication as well as the potency of instantaneous gratification in the belonging department.

My beloved person became bolder in their “sharing” of late and my ire was rankled.

Any time my heart starts physically hurting in reactivity I know for a fact that MY OWN UNCONSCIOUSNESS IS REARING IT’S HEAD..

But it is so freakin’ hard to soften enough to feel this, not make another wrong and take responsibility for every iota of our lives.

“This is exactly how wars begin,” I realized.

Here I am a sane and educated woman having a tizzy over another’s beliefs which are not mine; distance, doubt, disappointment ensue.

I must make room! Return to love! Allow! Surrender my rightness! Return to love!!!

Be right or be in love.

Of course I choose love but how to get the reactivity out of this instance and the guy who was rude to me on the street and the decline of my body and how I so easily turn on myself and the barking dog across the street, and, and, and…..?

My quest is for Peace and I feel it’s absence so acutely these days. My nervous system suffers. My dog suffers. Those I love suffer and passers by suffer.

Pema Chodron is a wise Buddhist nun I listen carefully to.

This meditation brings me room. It is an active prayer for the salve of inclusiveness. Practice..practice. No judgement. Practice.


2 Responses to “Making Room”

  1. Debra Moody on August 6th, 2015

    Pema exudes peace. Breathe…she will help.

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on August 7th, 2015

    Thanks for the reminder! xxA

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