Walking, Falling, Getting Up

saving grace
detail of painting, m/m


“Most people are lost. Most people are seriously fucked-up. Walking into walls, falling face-forward. I’ve been lost. I’m fucked-up. I’m not saying everyone gets rescued. I’m not saying anyone gets rescued. But we have to be kind. We have to listen. We have to link arms and get through this shit.”

-Marlon Brando


As I sat with my friend this morning at Starbucks we marveled at the genial presence of one young Irish man behind the counter.

Simon has the ability to take an order, meet my gaze, smile, remember my name, enter the order and keep his attention wide enough to notice if my order has been fulfilled in a correct and timely manner.

All this inside the melange of irritable children and impatient adults loudly waiting in an endless queue.

Simon is worth noticing because even though I am an intelligent and educated, mannered human

I could never do what he can do and does with a mastery I so admire.

It’s not just the mechanics of coffee serving that I speak of.

More the psychic and emotional as well as spiritual machinations he likely is unaware of embodying which impress me.

My friend offers: “It is because he is not American.” Interesting thought. He rises to our attention because he shows himself…consistently and with potency.

All the twists and turns he must travel in such an environment to remain civil, engaged and capable of periodic authentic connection without retiring to the restroom to shoot himself.

He was my teacher this morning. I bow to his tenacity and the effort it takes to make sense when there is none.

To keep our channel open to connection when we are able is a mighty workout for the heart.

My best medicine seems almost always hidden well in the kelp forest of humanity.

Just a slight turn of the current and there it is! The brightest, most colorful flashing fish has got my attention

And I am more.


2 Responses to “Walking, Falling, Getting Up”

  1. KK Wilder on August 5th, 2015

    And people like him are blessed by the people like you who appreciate his light.

  2. Bryan Adams on August 7th, 2015

    . . . the help forest of humanity–––and I am no more. As always, thanks Cath.

    Peace and Love,

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