Dinner Party

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Every year I have a little ritual in which I design a fantasy dinner party of 8.

Who would I like at my table this year?

The guest list always changes and I find it intriguing who I want with me (living or passed).

Jaques Cousteau has received an invite a few years in a row now and I’d like to invite him again.

Interestingly, I am inviting my mother. As years pass following her death I find myself feeling she must be far enough away from me now not to hurt me.
As I soften to her and release old trauma I find myself curious; who WAS she really? How did she feel about raising 4 kids with zero support? How did she REALLY feel about me beyond my own faulty imaginings? To share a glass of wine and perhaps laugh..oh my.

MOOJI is a Jamaican Self-realized spiritual teacher I visit pretty much daily via YouTube. He is my go-to guy and I would like to honor him.

ANNA BREYTENBACH is an animal communicator extraordinaire and I’d like her there.

I would invite Mr. Reeside who pretty much kept me alive as the kind and wise and fun principal in high school during my deeply depressed and delinquent days. I’d like him to know I love him and will never stop.

My extraordinary caregiver, Roseanne, needs to be there as an honoree. As a very young single mother of 4 she seldom gets an opportunity to be with others who could reflect how amazingly adept, smart, intuitive, loving and easy she is. A shining star right here in my home.

Pharrell Williams surely needs an invite. Maybe how he laps up life to give back to us as his creativity could be dessert.

Ok, including me and Emma me is 8.

(champagne pops…..)


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  1. gerry harty on October 1st, 2015

    I can picture myself cooking for and serving all of these interesting folks…as long as I could drink champagne while I was doing all the work and some major listening!!! Also I would love to hold Emma for a while.I love your imagination Cathy…xoxo

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