Do Words Have a Shelf Life?


I think we should come up with both new definitions and words for both “HAPPINESS” and “LOVE”.

They are both so overused and watered down that a part of me chokes when I use them.

Love is not pink or ruffly or even soft though it can be these things.

Happiness is not jumping up and down or yellow sunflowers or an “A” on a test.

I’m playing reductionist here but the point is I feel the essence of these central privileges of being human have been so scoured down through overuse that we barely recognize when we are in them.

My experience of love is direct contact with the creative life force which is decidedly NOT soft but fierce and humbling and transformative and way beyond the scope of little “me”.

Meeting Love helps me remember that I AM THAT.

So jarring in it’s power but equally invitational.

My body feels like the original pallet God must have held; gorgeously empty but absolute possibility.

I did not have the experience of what I now call “love” until I had the chance to live with Livvy, my first dog.

My heart literally swelled and lost the armor. It took on an unusual porousness which allowed me to participate much more fully with all of life.

Much of my self aggrandizement and importance I let calmly coast down the drain with no regret.

Happiness is synonymous with peace for me;

Absence of hypervigilance, anxiety and fear.

So intriguing that both experiences for me have something about space and emptiness present.


Think I’ll go pet Emma and have a dollop of both.


4 Responses to “Do Words Have a Shelf Life?”

  1. Paul on September 29th, 2015

    Lovely and evocative of that mysterious feeling when ego dissolves and all that’s left is love and joy.

  2. Jenny on September 30th, 2015

    YES to your writing and YES to the response. Sacred moments both.

  3. Jenny on September 30th, 2015

    YES to your writing and YES to the response. Sacred moments.

  4. laura Hegfield on October 12th, 2015

    Oh so wonderfully expressed Cath. Love and happiness are best revealed in present moment experiences… not memories or fictional imaginings. The leaves out my window, glowing in the lowering sun-HAPPINESS. Writing a message to a friend-LOVE.

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