Fresh Life

“WHITE SANDS”, ea. 12x12x6, gypsum, wood


My prayer of late has been to experience the state of no shame.

Historical parental programming left me with the impetus to get into a mind tussle at any whiff I may have disappointed someone;

Not connecting with people I love, not showing up as a “good neighbor”, too much solitude in a world worshiping action and purpose.

Life in my body is pretty gritty these days and it is all I can do to steer myself away from the incessant downward spiral shadowing me.

To stay right demands extreme awareness directed toward reminding myself that yes, I have pain, fatigue, weakness, seared nerves along with other dignity wrenching stuff..


I keep a fresh life and always have by trying to keep on top of my losses.

If I don’t a staleness ensues.

This work takes time.

A physical body holding the aggregate of unaddressed, unmet, unrecognized disappointments colors a life dull.

Sort of the difference between pewter and old gold.

I am unsure of why my innate GPS has continually guided me toward doing what it has taken/takes to reconcile loss and disappointment

But I lead a fresh life because of it.

Fresh, meaning I have the ability if not the desire to say: “OK..BRING IT.”

Then I can let it go and room opens for other stuff.

I love my hard won patina.


2 Responses to “Fresh Life”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on September 13th, 2015

    And you wouldn’t be you without that glow…

  2. Jenny on September 15th, 2015

    I love the patina -yes like old gold , the rubbing away the tarnish. Except that it is hard and the polishing is pretty constant . Hope Emma snuggles up often.xx

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