Too Much

monoprint, 1999, 22×30″


Lately I have been thinking about too much.

Not “too much” like laundry lists of to-dos although this is surely happening

But “too much” like Donald Trump.

Something very interesting begins to happen with involuntary restrictions of previous freedoms enjoyed such as health, money, etc.

We begin to HAVE TO DEAL where we used to just shift our gaze.

Our culture is mired in excess.

We know very little about what I call “how to get back to the well.”

The physical pain I am beginning to deal with does not allow me to just change channels when I don’t like the song.

In our cultural, fairly wide and unrestrictive bandwidth of numbing agents available

It is a cinch to turn away or distract with uber-drama, addiction or sensate overload.

Donald Trump is (in my opinion) serving as the epitome of excess for us all to observe, react to, judge or revere.

A very important service he provides. Without his over-the-topness we can’t quite see who we ALL are on some level.

He sounds so entitled. I catch myself exhibiting similar ugliness.

What happens when our choices are severely restricted?

Where do we go?

What pill do we take?

How do we distract ourselves?

Who do we become?

In the poorest of villages in Africa with access to so little in the pain-of-all-sorts arena

I take note that often it is Beauty in presentation of Self, home and craft which provide solace and pleasure.

The pain is still there but they seem to glean strength from community, spirit and prayer, color, fashion, aesthetics.

Who would we be with so little “stuff” to soften our edges?

Who will I become with my bandwidth getting narrower and narrower?

Guess I’ll have to access new frequencies altogether, turn off the radio and paint my lips a new color.


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  1. Carole Zoom on September 23rd, 2015

    It is interesting how we can become “pinched” as humans whether we have too few or too many choices.

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