Curiosity Is Innate

hand-painted upholstered chair


I’d have to say that my ability to remain curious no matter what is perhaps my greatest medicine.

As an artist I thrived inside the cocoon of privilege allowing infinite room to micro or macro-shift from one thread of mystery and interest to the next.

In my studio alone no one punished or chided me for a stupid or preposterous idea.

Yes, there were great costs generated from this past chosen lifestyle of mine.

The million dollar take away has been the template carved into my soul

For how to find the goodness, inspiration or provocation in each and every moment.

I believe we are each born with the impetus to want to know no matter what.

The first time we hear “NO! Bad girl!” as we test our vocal range or pull that red tablecloth down closer to us on the floor to check out the color and shatter glasses and plates

Or make a painting with our own shit on the wall

We begin a long pilgrimage toward a tidy life.

Most of our energy goes toward controlling everything and everyone so no room is left for authenticity or error or surprise.

We know what we know and we like it.

My retention of the gift of curiosity gives me the space to be surprised at my resilience, moved by strangers’ kindness, find peace in solitude, know my worth for just being, consciously work with my own reactivity as my teacher, greet what I deemed ugly and intolerable with respect and space, find beauty in the ordinary..

My prayer is for us all to re-awaken our innate curiosity for ourselves, our environment and those we share it with and each other.


3 Responses to “Curiosity Is Innate”

  1. Adele on October 21st, 2015

    So beautifully stated

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on October 21st, 2015

    A wonderful prayer. Thank you. xxA

  3. Bob Fate on April 5th, 2016

    I love your painted-upholstered chair. It reminds me of one of the ties you made me. I still have it! Don’t wear it much anymore as I try not to dress in anymore than bluejeans and a open-collar shirt these days. Like your remarks of the “lifestyle” in your blog. Reminds me of our discussions at my desk at the bank.

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