“THRIVE” installation in private home, ceramic pieces 6″x1/2″,nails, 2008


Not too very many years ago I woke, showered, made coffee and prepared to enter my studio to make art if the gods were with me.

Yesterday, I woke and did my ablutions then prepared Emma for her walkabout.

Within a half an hour I had met and spoken with two handsome septic system giant hole diggers.

“Good morning” I say.

“Buenas dias” they say in unison.

“Very nice hole you are digging there”.

“Gracias” (big toothy smiles).

Next interaction was with a homeless guy I had admired because his dog is ultra well-mannered and he (the dog) wears sunglasses all the time.

I say: “Your dog is so cool. How did you train him so well? I am trying hard with my dog but frustrated alot.”

“Pretty good for a homeless guy, right?”

“They need love, love, love, kindness.”

That was his distilled dog training session which was pleasantly and decidedly far away from Cesar Milan wisdom.

Emma and I rolled along toward her favorite grassy place.

A little later some guy in a very fancy car yells: “What kind of dog is that? Can you come closer so I can see her?”

I negotiate the curb cut, humans, lamp post,trash bin to get closer.

Traffic is impatiently backing up behind him.

“This is Emma. She’s a maltese w/ some terrier.”

Speaking urgently now: “My dog is an ……(some fancy dog breed I had never heard of).”

“He looks like your dog and I miss him so much I just had to say hi.”

Horns now honking behind him three cars deep.

“Bye bye Emma!! Bye Emma! Bye bye……” he keeps yelling as we move along.

We wheel away and I can’t stop smiling at this direction my life has taken.

I just am enjoying the hell out of it.


4 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on October 5th, 2015

    I am smiling with you. Thanks!

  2. Adele on October 5th, 2015

    I’m smiling too xxo

  3. Debra Moody on October 6th, 2015

    Smile, and your dog smiles with you. XO

  4. david green on October 7th, 2015

    Cathy, like your bad self, this is beautiful Love David PS We need to catch up

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