Failing What?

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A good friend called to tell me her aging mom is “failing.”

In particular she cried seemingly inappropriately during DANCING WITH THE STARS. Her emotions are raw and uncomfortably immediate.

She is in a nursing home and deals with much of what I deal with symptomatically.

The roads of age and illness run parallel and way closer than you’d imagine.

I told my friend: “As we get closer to Death our filters are pretty much gone”. This is why it seems the aged revert into childlike behavior.

It’s so weird for us left back in the “looks so good” realm to make a place for non-PC remarks, high octane irritability, defiance, unskilled decision making,
poor grooming, heightened sensitivity and ping pong rationality.

The gifts in “failing” are many I assure you.

For starters I MUST BE TRUE.

Inside an intimate relationship with mortality the rooms there are spread with space, silence, innocence, immediacy, no apologies, great awe and wonder, the salve of simplicity, acceptance, forgiveness and God.

My go-to guy MOOJI says:

For me this suggests that we try taking away all attention to future and past and stay here now.

My health situation insists that I do.

I imagine that had my life continued without the graduate school of MS I’d never have known the Grace of space to divest myself of a tired personality.


3 Responses to “Failing What?”

  1. Nina on November 12th, 2015

    Wow!!! Once agin….you said IT.

    This should go into a book.,


  2. Alexandra Eldridge on November 12th, 2015

    Beautiful. xxA

  3. SHARON ROSE on November 12th, 2015

    Your beautiful gift of vulnerability and accountability to integrity….You have written this superbly….living fully in the present with so much GRACE .

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