No Distance


My past experience of the approach of these holidays we are in has been so different.

I began to worry that my connection with what I call “The Sacred” was going to elude me.

The lights, the Solstice, singing, rituals I enjoy, deepening gratitude for family and friends, the pleasure of choosing and receiving gifts, the mysterious deep of the darkest night turning towards light again all presented themselves in my little life-movie as they have many times before

But this year I searched for the palpable communion symbolized well in the Sistine Chapel painting where man reaches for God.

Something was different. Very different.

My reach met with no thing/one to receive me. Was God gone?

The giddy effusion accompanying societal holidays eluded me.

On one level I felt grief as the pleasure of all that was not.

Then I saw that I have become The Sacred and am a carrier and need not wait for a book or holiday or choir or season.

Beloved family came to visit and we laughed and peaceably nurtured, communed, allowed, spoke, listened, learned, ate and drank our way to our kind of church.

I realized WE ARE IT after all is said and done and silence cradles us beyond any cacophony.

All the gift wrapping we need is a beating heart cloaked in the same muscles anyone else wears.

No one is more glittery than the next.

We have the same withdrawals..same approaches…same red colored blood.

I felt embarrassed for us humans as my family arrived Christmas Day and absolutely NOTHING was open anywhere to get something to restaurant save grocery store..

The world bent 100% toward Christianity

But where would the Jews and Buddhists get nourished or even noticed at all?

No room at the inn all over again.

For this new year I am setting my intention toward inclusion; so often I see light return to a closely held, guarded and weary fellow human on the street when I say an authentic “Good morning” as Emma and I roll by.

Light returns with the tiniest effort just to recognize another’s existence.

I beg you to loosen your heart muscles, notice another’s deep weariness or habit of distance and use the symphony of your one voice to let your brother or sister know you see them there.

Honestly, it feels like Christmas every day.

I value you. Each one of you.


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  1. Jenny on January 1st, 2016

    The simple the gloriously ordinary are so where the sacred is , not where it once seemed. You are so right. I remember the Rev Jim Lee , I think from Detroit, saying something very similar, one of the wisest most humble people I have heard. When we have lost a lot so that there is less of our own, then we see more clearly. An upside down gift .

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