You Look So Good

ten questions
“RAIN”, installation, ceramic,nails,light


It takes me a boatload of chi to present myself well in the world.

I do it and keep doing it because it entertains me, helps others feel comfortable interacting with me, helps me feel whole, feels like a community service to be experienced as a cool woman in a wheelchair who clearly has some challenges going on but is not victimized by them.

I try to be a piece of art complete with the same garnet red blood you carry in your veins and perhaps represent a way of living in a compromised physical self outside possibilities you are familiar with.

A friend sent me this which interested me as the bike’s purpose is to try to give others the experience of MS which is so personal to each of us afflicted however there do exist some pretty common symptoms.

My temperament is to rise; add light to shadowy stuff.

I work to include the shadow but not hang out there too long.

Some people think I fake my attitude in life as a coping skill.

I’m just trying to create an interesting life by way of placing my attention in groovy places..(did I just say “groovy???”)

See- this is how I entertain myself..

I find myself endlessly entertaining by jove!


2 Responses to “You Look So Good”

  1. Carole Zoom on January 22nd, 2016

    Some days you fake it. Sometimes you make it. Sometimes it happens at the same time.

  2. Jenny on January 23rd, 2016

    It is a community service ,it is! It is a great thing to suddenly be woken up, to have your curiousity intrigued, your heart warmed by someone who is doing something brave , unexpected . Style genes skipped a generation in my case so i try with smiles, laugh and heaps of thanks.occaisionally tears.
    PS like the MS bike

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