detail of installation,earth,ceramic


I am feeling very quiet.

The world out there feels bitter; bitter cold, bitter politics, bitter blame, shame, gain…

One of the gifts of living intimately with mortality is a severe lowering of tolerance level

For the seduction in unloading personal woes;

“Woe is me…That bastard politico is going to be the death of our country.”

“I can’t eat this because of this and this and this…” (my personal fave).

“My arthritis, colitis, tonsillitis….”

Entire relationships can be built on the solace of sharing woes.

I want to be a loving container for the hardships my body and personality deal with..a porous container because it feels important not to live as an island unto myself.

I just work not to have my container spill all over those near me

So they have to do the work of showering me off themselves after my departure.

It is challenging to feel into who, how much, what to share and when to start and stop.

I think it takes an acute and generous awareness of tuning to the other person in order to gauge how much is too much. or not enough.

I am a perpetual student.

Recently, I learned that asking beforehand is really important as opposed to assuming anything: “Do you have it in you to listen to me kvetch?”

A generous act indeed.

I do hope I remember next time I want to hold forth just for the pleasure of unloading.


One Response to “Containing”

  1. laura Hegfield on February 8th, 2016

    Yes, yes, yes… lets just continue to be vessels pouring out love wherever we go, encouraging others to do the sameā€¦ let the petty complaints fall away for everything is changing, this moment will never come again, who knows what blessings will unfold in the next breath if we simply incline our hearts toward gratitude, despite the annoyances that arise, then melt if we pay attention.

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