I Almost Missed It

“GIRL”, 24×4,ceramic,steel


A sunny and 40 degree morning found Emma and I parked on the plaza early enough to skirt the wandering-in-the-desert tourists.

This is my precious Santa Fe at it’s best;

Stoic Native Americans unloading trucks have driven hundreds of miles to show their jewelry and art under the famed portal

While tiny humans try to outwit gleaming pigeons.

A stogie brandishing fat man hides from his wife on a lonely bench in a far corner.

I didn’t feel like hiding today and pulled close by to a barefooted woman playing violin.

She is a busker; some legitimate street performing licensing having occurred down a linoleum-clad city clerk’s hallway.

Barefoot, she stood lanky and proud in a burgundy floppy hat, layered lace skirts and too few clothes in general.

Her case laid at her feet; open with a clumsy sign hoping we “liked her tunes”.

Always an aura of aloneness coats her

Yet her work ethic is that of a Fortune 500 member; rain or shine, count-on-able.

I have passed her by with the surface enjoyment from a place like the reptile exhibit at the zoo; engaged but not retaining too much and just slightly reproachful for her general oddness preventing any chance of true communion.

Today was different.

Em and I sat there in the sun and my heart slowed way down to meet her music.

There- in bare feet on an early Spring morning a violin master gave me her gift.

No one plays that soulfully and heart-massagingly without intense training.

Yet here she was..oblivious to any threat to her heavenly bubble of divine offering..

I sat there, my lap warmed by a resting dog

And cried from the Grace of the chance de-densifying I somehow achieved

Allowing my being to be washed squeaky clean and made easy.

Twenty minutes later I rolled toward her and dropped some money in the opened case.

There were real flowers and crystals and other shamanic tools of her trade.

I mouthed “Thank you” and bowed my head as we moved on.

Deep sighs of relief and utter contentment mixed with awe at how close I came to missing God.


4 Responses to “I Almost Missed It”

  1. Adele on March 28th, 2016

    thank you thank you beautiful friend

  2. barbara on March 29th, 2016

    I felt I was there, listening and watching and knowing the feel of Santa Fe…it’s been two years since I have been to Santa Fe and I have a longing to come and visit again.
    Living here in England an island surrounded by sea, the fashion of the day is often grey skies,clouds with a flicker of blue, muted colours, sage and lilac, grey/greens, soft purples…which I love to paint.
    Today the sun is shining ( a treat) there are large fast moving fluffiy clouds, the sun is playing hide and seek amongst the clouds.
    Springtime is here, daffodils appearing along the roadside in our village…trees budding…my favourite time of the year.

    Love your wonderful writings X

  3. gerry harty on March 29th, 2016

    Thank you again Cathy…xoxo

  4. Alexandra Eldridge on March 29th, 2016

    What attention can bring forth. Thank you again for reminding us. xxxA

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