“I Can Heal You”


On the plaza this morning I sat taking in the world with Emma.

A Native American man had the bench near me and we began talking.

The conversation eased it’s way into his reportage of healing acumen he’d been gathering since boyhood:

“I am BLACK WOLF” from so-and-so tribe. ” I belong to a long line of healers. Just last month we had ceremony with a Parkinsons’ man. His limbs uncurled and he walked straight out of the sweat lodge after being in a wheelchair.”

More miraculous stories poured forth over the next ten minutes.

“We could do ceremony for you.”

This was offered in a matter-of-fact voice and gaze infused with utter confidence in my acceptance.

He was very surprised when I said I was not drawn to the healing way he was offering but thanked him for his kind offer.

A friend of mine is in Mexico undergoing stem cell treatment for MS.

I could be jealous.

As I begin to negotiate the physical landscape of pain in my body I am watchful of my urge to make the feelings go away at almost all costs.

Such an avalanche of discomfort obliterates what I consider my most valuable asset: pure, clear presence.

So…is healing the return of symptomless being?

Is it an endless horizon of comfort?

What if I can’t find comfort, peace of mind, the space to just ‘BE’ anymore?

I am seeing that my mind machinations are my worst enemy. Deep thinking puts all of my systems into lock down..

Only surrendering to WHAT IS seems to have the medicine I desire.

Strangely, if I can muster this state a softness comes; a porous field of possibility devoid of the angsty will to alleviate all discomfort.

I have to figure this out in order to live well and not constantly be waiting for something to change or someone to heal me so I can be ok.

Looking for results outside my own undeveloped and often unknown capabilities to heal myself now seems the antithesis of true healing to me.

Healing means something quite different than just the alleviation of symptoms.

For me, it means competent mastery of all tools in my library of wellness; emphasis on access to quiet mind.


3 Responses to ““I Can Heal You””

  1. gerry harty on March 6th, 2016

    I understand you…xoxo

  2. Barbara McDaniel on March 10th, 2016

    oh, this is power. this truly is power. what a wild person you are!

  3. Jann on March 13th, 2016

    Your most valuable asset, pure clear presence.
    Never truer words have been written.
    I always feel your presence in your writing, I always feel that I am right there with you and you with me.

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