We Have To Love (at least appreciate) Duality

photo taken near Abiquiu, NM, 2001

I usually vote energetically.

I look to people’s eyes;

Clear? Accessible? Intelligent? Unguarded?

Defiant? Veiled? Blustery?

Invitational?, Deep?, Compassionate?

So much can be hidden. But the eyes do not lie.

My mind is expert at railroading me toward logic.

I am non-plussed by logic’s sway over the energetics of true change.

As time moves forward it seems we are being offered a clearer and tauter opportunity to choose sides.

I hate this. It is uncomfortable, embarrassing to belong to any available team.

Such a big, fucking mess.

But really… we are being offered one more chance to handle our own, personal inner violence.

As long as our personal prejudices remain interesting topics of conversation

The ante will be upped to shove our wrong-sightedness in our faces

Like a soured banana cream pie.

The genesis of this post is political

But what of my own violence toward my precious self?

Today, my body was too full of pain. I got irritable and close to hateful..

Who deserves the wake from my unintended sorrow?

No one.

But there it was as I grumbled impatiently

Simply waiting to exit a store.

Every damn one of us has a story.

We are, indeed, the same.

Hidden tears and hardship.

Shall we leave the less fit by the side of the road in the effort to craft a fully “safe” society?

Well.. my sense is I have many gifts waiting to be given.

All I need is the recognition of my worth.

Just a slight nod in my direction, a tip of the hat

To another flawed yet gifted

Participant in this extraordinary human walk we are on.


2 Responses to “We Have To Love (at least appreciate) Duality”

  1. Barbara McDanirl on March 3rd, 2016

    Thank you ~

  2. Rita Kindl Myers on March 3rd, 2016

    I like this post indeed, very much. It gives me lots of food for thought. Thanks!

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