Great Tonic


“Some Girls Acting Kinda’ Sassy”, 30×50,m/m


Here’s a really simple daily practice I’ve been playing with:


Say “Hello” or “Good morning” to two individual people with whom it feels really easy and natural to extend yourself in this way.

Then find someone you really would rather not have any contact with because they look different than you, seem sad or depressed, whose appearance is off-putting; whatever turns your energy away and gets the judgey-you activated.

Instead of curling your energy in and retreating from them, consciously bring your full presence (not 1/2) including soft eye contact to a “Good Morning” and just move on.

Notice what happens.




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  1. Cara on July 17th, 2016

    I love this. I do this sometimes and always notice how it makes me realize that as people we have nothing to be afraid of with each other.

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