The End of Nonchalance

fine line

detail of painting on wool flannel


On the plaza this morning three men in off-white perma pressed shirts were selling God.

Pigeons of the male variety were poufing themselves up making the darndest guttural wooing noises

As they annoyingly shadowed the poor femmes.

Recalcitrant children tried running down the mating birds.

Some lonely older gentleman perched hungrily on a bench near me trying endlessly to engage in chat.

Emma and I moved on.

I was just settling into wondering how the groundskeepers kept the grass so healthy amidst all the summer foll-de-roll that happened atop in in the height of tourist season

When I heard the word “Homophobic!” shouted loudly from somewhere near.

In that moment my state of curiosity and rest turned to an involuntary armoring up.

It happened to everyone else too.

You could see the slight hardening in fear.

The paling of faces.

I was reminded of what I have learned about the qualities of deer.

The herd just goes about grazing as a group. Casually munching.

What deer do better than most any animal is register the slightest energetic shift which could possibly put them in harms way.

They survive because they move as a group and each of them registers the world so acutely that SOMEone will surely pick up the danger to ensure enough warning time for all.

It seems,as humans we must up our hyper-vigilant skills and pull in together so we move more as a WE and not so much a ME.

Deer do this proudly, capably, gracefully.

We can too.


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  1. CaroleZoom on June 14th, 2016

    With these details I could paint the scene. Beautiful work Cathy

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