Time To Take Ourselves Seriously

my friend Nymphe and me


Fuck false modesty.

I am tired of giving energy to people I love who say: ” I don’t know why people keep wanting to buy stuff from me” or ” I’m not sure I’m making a difference” (this coming from me).

I feel I’m being held hostage when my beloved friends can’t own up to their own particular genius.

Time to embody our greatness..our unique gifts we and we alone have the privilege of offering to the world.

I am surrounded by greatness.

All around me are representations of genius quality beingness; brilliant thinkers with bursting hearts of generosity, style mavens unafraid to take up space and therefore are community contributions, women adept in friendship, self-care and who inspire me to become more. Creative contributors of intelligence, capability, integrity and compassion.

I will always love a sister by reminding her the particular magnificence she embodies when she forgets.

The thing I wish for us all is to take responsibility for the genius we each carry. Men and women.

We can’t cave into the shadows or wait too long for a pat on the back.

The world is in dire need of each and every one of our unique selves.

We must stand now in our light. Alone. And together.

We’ve got to risk everything.

Say: “I AM.”

Safety seems not so much an option anymore.

Darkness is too close.


3 Responses to “Time To Take Ourselves Seriously”

  1. Jenny on June 13th, 2016

    Oh AMEN! Risk embarrassment, humbling, success, praise , disparagement from those not seeing yet or maybe your way is not theirs, and don’t worry! just muddle through and if you are me , risk a fall , or bladder mishaps . But the mishaps make someone else feel less isolated. And any genius is a gift to the rest of us. Please don’t not give it. it is life flowing THROUGH you/us.

  2. Jenny on June 13th, 2016

    PS who is the orange eyes and smile photo bombing behind Nymphe?

  3. Adele on June 21st, 2016

    What gorgeous women !!! xxx

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