Transparency! Yikes….



In the four years I have written this blog I notice the distinct stages of creativity emerging

Just exactly as they did in my old life creating sculpture and painting.

First comes just the wee twinkle of an idea; a bare scratching at my door.

After awhile the thing becomes less amorphous and the form or direction of thinking is available enough to begin translating to words in my case.

Sometimes I get so excited an innocent and underdeveloped idea goes public before it matures.

Then I am embarrassed but know to trust the process when I remember which soothes me a bit.

I am fueled by this embarrassment to refine my art.

Maybe within this stage I am so in love with creating that I drop into no-mans-land and sort of speak in a trusted, unedited, kind of channelled word-smithing.

This is always the best and the worst stage.

Truths are told.

Often new to me.

Often too without the buffer of my conscious dollop of grace.



It is so dog-gone comfortable to know what we know.

An artist or a person skilled in the art of connectivity and relationship are all to familiar with the mess the life-path of authenticity ensures.

To be authentic means carrying your bib with you and tucking in while you make your way through a really dreaded conversation or young idea.

The languaging is never perfect or refined or often even acceptable while we are growing our most true selves.

But is there anything..I mean ANYthing more interesting to do?

Risk the mess…and find the best—-my motto.


2 Responses to “Transparency! Yikes….”

  1. Jenny on June 18th, 2016

    How you find the words -so exquisite. Xxx to Em too

  2. Jina Vick on June 18th, 2016

    A bib !!! Love it. Need one, thank the Lord.

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