Tools To Live

“BLUE SQUARE” 5×5′,m/m


As I look back over my life I see clearly that what my hero JOSEPH CAMPBELL said at the end of his many years

That the chapters opened up just perfectly in hindsight but seemed pre-scripted as his will had very little to do with the journey

Fits my life as well.

A great gurgling power beneath my pink skin urged me beyond reason to choose art as a career.

I learned acute discrimination as I made a mark on canvas and listened to the wise angels scurrying behind my heart and eyes when their whisper told me to elongate it, change the density or color or even end it’s existence it all together.

Looking at the wider picture, trusting myself, holding painfully lean times with the faith they would eventually shift and most importantly recognizing that the quality of life I carried inside me (and that I could EFFECT that very quality) is ALWAYS transmitted to my work

Are the very skills I now use in dealing with MS.

I look at the wider picture today and recognize the frustration in transferring from wheelchair to bed is fleeting and will surely shift in about 5 minutes when I actually get in bed.

I trust myself when registering the sticky energy of a tourist who wants to pet my dog with an underlying agenda of absconding with some of my of my clean energy.

I count on my faith when sorrow is the main character in my daily play because I am very sure the curtain will open tomorrow and everything will look and feel different.

The quality of Life I carry ensures I am either alone or deeply appreciated and loved. All kinds of things go into cultivating a shining essence from the color and shape of what I wear to the TV and film I watch, food I eat, chosen family I keep close, how self-centered I am, how much I give to others, how my home is decorated, color of lipstick, mediums I use to express myself,whether I choose to express myself at all, even whether I enjoy the feel of my sheets or just tolerate them (current yuk).

I am a GEES’ BEND quilt as opposed to something like this.

MS is here as my greatest teacher because I do not have the luxury of skirting this stuff.

If I want to live it means doing the work and not just thinking about it as a byline. I hate this. But I love the results.

My pallet is as ruby red as my own blood.

Far richer to me than the paint and dye of my past masterpieces.


3 Responses to “Tools To Live”

  1. Alexis on July 24th, 2016

    You definitely are a Gee’s bend! And I for one as so happy that you are!

  2. Paul on July 24th, 2016

    Beautifully written, Cathy.

  3. Barbara on July 25th, 2016


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