Just Breathe





She had her own mind
But it bored her finally.

She loved her own company
A little too much.

She knew there is a reason for everything.
Spent her time decrypting life.

She learned what love is
From her dog not a man.

She came close to violent
When hungry.

A whole life got used up
Finding her true voice.

Perpetual ‘original self’ student
Describes her well.

For too long she looked to be saved.
Then saved herself after all.

Red lipstick
Is her favorite.

It lays top drawer
In her weaponry cache.

Dressing to entertain herself
Pleases her.

So easily distracted in life was she;
Endless shiny threads to follow.

Her concocted story
Was entertaining. But done.

Giving it up
Took lacking the energy to tell it.

Precious family and friends
Always listened well.

When that day came
Everything was oddly empty.

Threads still shine
In a lovely tangle at her feet.

Now, lusty living
Is dialed down to low.

Finally learning to live with fewer I’m sorrys
She is free to be.

Her closet is home
To some very fetching hats.

She costumes herself
With a white dog to match.

She rides her wheelchair
With a bright orange safety flag.

But she was saved
That day she laid her story down.

This is not to say
Chanel #5 holds no elan!

Stand in her wake
And breathe.


-CA 2016



2 Responses to “Just Breathe”

  1. Adele on August 5th, 2016

    I feel like I’ve just arrived too

  2. Dennis Chamberlain on August 7th, 2016

    Whether man or woman, old or young, we can all see some of ourselves in this wonderful piece. There is some sadness, and there is some envy. That is an element of great art.

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