Lightning Bug

not neutral



She felt like a large-ish lightning bug;
Making her way through the forest
Occasionally pulsing,
Her abdomen lit
From the inside out.
Irridescent butter colored.

Do lightening bugs
Know where they are going?
Maybe… maybe
They just like to dance
And carry their own
Just in case.

See..that’s me!
Dancing in the dark,
Shining light
For my own amusement
Also -so I don’t fall
Into man-made
And self -concocted crevices.

Yesterday, I danced
In the dark
All akimbo
I was truly un-cool.
Donald Trump would mock.

Today, my light is dimmer
And I don’t feel like dancing.
Emma presses purposefully
Into my thigh.
Where’s the pill
For ennui?

The seasons are shifting.
Mornings cut with cheeky winds
Blowing me toward change.
All I know is change.
The stuff of life.
BAH! (just for today..)

My little night light
Rests under my wings.
It saves up energy
For the next dance.
I could really use
A shadowy waltz.

We all are in the dark.
Big or small
We each have our light; bright or dim.
The skill of reaching ‘round
To turn her on ourselves
Is a really good dance move
To know.


-CA 2016



2 Responses to “Lightning Bug”

  1. Barry on August 25th, 2016

    A beautiful piece! “ennui” a word i’ve never used, but is my constant companion.

  2. Laura Hegfield on August 30th, 2016

    I have been off line too long. I’ve missed so much of your wisdom, missed so much YOU. Thank you for shining your light for us.

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