Girl Power Giddy Up

addendum 2
hand-painted silk


I love seeing a woman poised and articulate and well put together according to her unique coloring and features.

When I saw Hillary standing there last night all secure in herself and rooted deeply like an ancient tree

I knew something of what it took

Not to throw a glass at the man next to her.

Her chin was kept raised just so…

Just a bit more might have approached arrogant.

Michelle treated us recently at her last state dinner to the parting gift of toned and sturdy shoulders bedazzled in a column of gloriousness

Wearing her trademark grace and invitational smile.

Most often I wear a hat scooting round my beloved Santa Fe

Yet today I wanted my short hair available to the wind;

Today…I took some of that grace and rootedness and composure and elegance and intelligence and articulateness and poise and tolerance and sturdiness and security in Self

I witnessed being modeled before me by women in power

And I wore it myself.

And it was very, very good to be a woman.


2 Responses to “Girl Power Giddy Up”

  1. Dominique Mazeaud on October 20th, 2016

    Beautiful woman, when I read you, it’s like the sunshine enters my study… And on the days when you are not so ‘giddy,’ the ray is as profound but in a different way. Blessings on you. It was lovely to hear that my dear friend Shanti Bannwart had interviewed you on creativity. No wonder, you are a well…

  2. Dennis Chamberlain on October 23rd, 2016

    Here’s to girl power – Hillary, Michelle, and you.

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