What Is A Spiritual Life?



At this point 4+ years into the offerings put forward through this blog

You know better than to think it is ‘disease orientated’;

Meaning this is not really the best place to go to acquire tips and referencing having to do with help with MS in the form of particular supplementation and current research.

I would suggest WHEELCHAIR KAMIKAZE for the research part

And ANN BOROCH for alternative support.

Healing for me is the process of continually paying homage to forces wider and larger than me and listening ACUTELY for guidance, acknowledgement, gentle chastising and not-so-subtle prodding.
This is also my definition of a spiritual life.

Who can debate the fact Nature can be larger than us?

Are we all quite sure we know the forces behind how winter always follows summer and we are not wrong in counting on the eventual return of spring even after we’d all lost hope?

Desiring change is not enough.

We must feel it in our bones.

And act.

Those giving voice to the need to protect our life-blood of water in North Dakota have had their web-of-security-and-trust balled up and thrown haphazardly down to the ground.

Nobody feels safe these days.

Can someone save us?


We are all we’ve got.

I’m all I’ve got.

Want to have a great life, Cathy?

My savior is ME + God..that force I recognize as larger, wider than me.

I am saddened by the absence of these ideals in our current American Experience.

David Brooks writes in the NYT: “There is an assumption, in both campaigns, that we are self-seeking creatures, rather than also loving, serving, hoping, dreaming, cooperating creatures.”

I am utterly bored with self-seeking.

Today..I am fatigued and prayed: “God..just use me but please give me the stamina and wisdom and willingness to carry out the work you have for me.”

How can we serve? Inspire? Teach? Support? Protect? Elevate? Make safe?

Please give me strength in this desert.




2 Responses to “What Is A Spiritual Life?”

  1. Catherine on October 12th, 2016

    I always get inspired by your writing and this piece is no exception…thank you Cathy for reminding me that a spiritual life must be acknowledged on a minute by minute basis. “Healing for me is the process of continually paying homage to forces wider and larger than me ” – I LOVE that!

  2. Catherine Lamontagne on October 13th, 2016

    I have been struggling and adjusting to my own diagnosis of ppms since last December. What is the use of me I think. A social worker I have been consulting, suggested I could be an agent of unity for my family. That would be a worthy task. spreading love and unity. Like you, she is discouraged at the selfishness and self-centeredness that is assumed in the public discourse.
    It is true that we are more than material beings. Living our human-ness and acknowledging that of others aids us to grow individually and as a society. It is not a big rĂ´le, but it is one I can play.
    Thankyou for the lovely monotype.

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