The Sacred Invitation

“FINE LINE” 11x11x4,m/m


I have a little bit of experience with hopelessness.

Along with many others my heart is seared by the resultant seeming chaos ensuing post-election.

I say “seeming” because in all my chronic illness has taught me,

After all is said and done I really am sure of nothing.

When I saw DT’s face of weighty humility and what looked like fear sitting beside Obama in the White House

I took hope.

Not a one of us knows for sure how we will react under the deep press

Of recognition: THERE IS SO MUCH AT STAKE!!

For DT- a world beyond self.

For me- the fact my reality is dependent on my attitude alone.

These realizations have the capacity to alter everything.

The possibility is the invitation of Grace.

Grace is not bi-partisan

And is equally available to everyone.

Are we able-to-respond? RESPONSIBLE?

Or lazy and apt to assume another will likely step up in our absence?

My partnership with chronic illness is a life saving/altering tether


Today that means I have the capacity to effect change in my own perception of well-being;

I breathe, my dog looks to me in trust for direction, my siblings all are arriving for a family reunion tomorrow after flying across huge swaths of continent to be together, my voice is here on this blog without restriction, the strong winds of Autumn reflect change as they always do.

Every time, as I deal with this illness I approach a time which I feel I haven’t what it takes to go beyond

I surprise myself and I DO GO BEYOND!

What I imagine to be my line is never my actual line.

I/we are so much bigger/wider/resilient than we think we are.

The really horrible fact is that we never know our own power and effect

Until we are asked to step up.

I can not think of a more sacred invitation.


3 Responses to “The Sacred Invitation”

  1. Shanti on November 17th, 2016

    Thank you so much for this inspiration.

  2. Paul on November 18th, 2016

    Strength and love to you, Cathy!

  3. Carol on November 18th, 2016

    Hugs, to all four of you! Be gentle to the outlier. And hope that this next four years goes by fast, and wimpy-ly, not bigly xxx

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