Courting Security


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I don’t know anyone who feels secure these days.

In a way I envy the street people I know because the state they are most familiar with is uncertainty.

What can we do to stabilize the boat as we wretch from seas too high and wild for our systems to manage?

I realize that I have discovered some ways to get back my sea legs when the toll of chronic illness and the utter uncertainty that comes with it

Threaten my core.

RADICAL RESILIENCE  is my clarion call.

  1. WAR PAINT-   A bright red lipstick applied with the same intent those football players swipe that black stuff under their eye before a game.  This is important for me because it helps me take up space instead of caving into invisibility because I am feeling rough or not fit for human interaction.

     2.  GIVE-   Instead of curling into scarcity or fear, my trusted antidote is too move my energy out;  smile or give a compliment.  Pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you anonymously.  Generally, switch              awareness from ourselves to other.

     3.  INNOCENT MOUTH-  This is a practice I use to return to my softer self.  I close my eyes and tighten my jaw as much as I can the release all muscle and bone and let my bottom jaw just drop and hang                 there.  It feels like you look really ugly doing this because no pretense remains which feels unfamiliar.

     4.  Remember that “GRACE ALWAYS BATS LAST”  as Anne Lamott says.  The hyper-stimulation we all are soaking in during this time of year makes it hard to remember that this is a created reality and not            really “US.”   Today, I closed my eyes and put my hand on my heart and thanked it for working so hard on my behalf with little acknowledgement.  This tiny acton got me right to peace.

     5.   Slather yourself in GRATITUDE.  Our interconnectedness is our best medicine.


3 Responses to “Courting Security”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on December 21st, 2016

    So wise, as always! Happy Holiday, dear Kathy! xxA

  2. Dominique Mazeaud on December 21st, 2016

    Profound as always. Thank you so much for bring a little light!
    I think I saw you riding along in front of the Community Gallerywith your beloved four-legged leading the way, when I was on my way to a rally supporting immigrants on the side of our City Hall. By the time, I parked and I looked far and wide, you were gone. Your hat was lovely. Until next time, my heart-felt wishes,

  3. Jenny on December 23rd, 2016

    No you are right the hyper stimulation is not you or your readers. It is heaving noise, which can do great harm , or maybe be irrelevant but is not our core. Do you know that on Donald Trumps Inauguration Day, here in Wellington NZ, (just today )has been arranged a picnic /party/speeches /music called Love Trumps Hate!! It is to be just outside the Town Hall , really central. Expat Americans & locals! doing it.
    People talking about diversity and loving it all.

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