Love Letter to My Neck




Back in the day when I was a gymnast

I practiced the art of a head held high

Without any stain of snootiness.  

Just pride.  Fierce resolve.  In-the-moment knowing I was the perfect container for the tumbling routine about to be released.

The skin of my neck stretched like a caterpillar ; intent on the impossible reach toward something other than human density.

As a teenager my head curled in toward invisibility and my lithe neck was forgotten.

I practiced girly comportment with a book on my head and my neck retains the muscle memory of this still.

Photographs of my wedding day expose the fear I was not even aware of as my chin jutted far forward; away from the safety of a calm born of the recognition I was making a good choice saying “yes”.

Carrying myself with grace in the world has given my beautiful neck muscles a workout; faking it to make it and reflecting genuine character won on the muddy playing fields of life.

My neck reflects years of yearning; desire to do whatever it has taken to peel away the layers obscuring the luminescent seeds God left as a treasure hunt.

This, mixed with the cramped curling in on myself as I have tried to bear the blows of misplaced self hatred.

All this lengthening and contractions has left my beautiful neck exhausted and she has recently succumbed to flirting with gravity.

She is rightfully tired and her vitality has given way to quite a relaxed surrender.

The first time I saw her I hated her; so bereft of tone and intention.

But I am too bored with turning love away from the preciousness of me.

Maybe, just for today I will champion the love affair between my neck and gravity; allowing a sort of spa day down time for her after a lifetime of so masterfully carrying my thick head  masterfully amidst tsunamis and hurricanes as well as adoration and prayer.

She deserves a rest.



2 Responses to “Love Letter to My Neck”

  1. Alexis on January 14th, 2017

    Yes, you have the most gorgeous neck! I am trying to make peace with mine ( if you can it that, I barely have a neck at all ). But yes, mine needs a rest too. xx

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on January 14th, 2017

    You never stop astounding me. What a beautiful piece of writing this is and your neck is more elegant than ever. Love, A

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