Kind Regard

“BLUE ” 11 x 11″ m/m




Early morning cruising my beloved Santa Fe streets

On my way downtown

I often pass a store owner

Enjoying a smoke on his front stoop.

For a long time we just beamed at one another;

A sparky recognition of something a tad elevated

From just a normal human recognition.

I think he is Iranian.

He has big teeth and always shows them to me.

Yesterday the early springtime warmth allowed a more intimate greeting:

“Madame..I wish you good day.  You nice lady. I being good troubles here..all very good.  I wish you good day.  I good.”

My heart deflated at the realization he felt the need to assuage any fears I may have harbored due to his nationality.

With my good hand I reached out to touch his arm and matched his toothy greeting as best I could.

God was very near. 



2 Responses to “Kind Regard”

  1. gerry harty on February 6th, 2017

    I hear you Cathy! I live in a community that is very diverse and I love it but it saddens me to think that now they might look at me as some kind of threat!!! This too shall pass! xoxo

  2. Dennis Chamberlain on February 7th, 2017

    I love this post Cathy! I have been lucky and blessed to have gotten to know many people of so many different nationalities, and my Iranian friends are among my favorites. I hope to meet your friend some day.

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