On Spirituality and David Lynch



“LAYERS”, 5’x5′ painting on wool flannel




I’ve been talking a lot about God it seems.

A good friend asked me recently to describe what spirituality is for me.

You know you REALLY know something if a simple explanation  just rolls off your tongue and the other person’s eyes go wide and they say: “OH YEAH!!!! OF COURSE! How could I have not known this?  So simple.”


Well… I talked for maybe 10 minutes and stopped as my friend began to twist his eyes in a knot and almost break his forehead with wrinkling up in confusion.

I could not describe my experience well enough to transmit the essence to him.

How could I explain?

Mentioning PEMA CHODRON and JOSEPH CAMPBELL are choices I made in the beginning.

Their experience of living in the Sacred seems similar to mine.

Still, he asked me:  “I want to know what YOUR experience is, Cathy.”

Frustrated, I kept ruminating on the subject and came across this tiny bit of a film (4 minutes) called MEDITATION in which the film director DAVID LYNCH speaks very briefly on the subject at hand..  click here.  This snippet is from the full length film MEDITATION streaming on NETFLIX.

You can tell he knows of which he speaks as it takes zero energy to access his words and grok the thing.

I thought since God was making more of an appearance here of late you all should have a clue what that is for me.


6 Responses to “On Spirituality and David Lynch”

  1. Irene on February 21st, 2017

    I think when you’re in the present moment, whatever the circumstances—people- watching outdoors, sitting in the doctor’s office, etc.–“God” is there.

  2. Dennis Chamberlain on February 21st, 2017

    You’ve convinced me – I am downloading Meditation from Netflix tonight. Being a faithful David Lynch follower, though, I might have to watch “Mulholland Drive” one more time first….

  3. Cathy on February 21st, 2017

    The clip begins at 37:50 in the full movie. Sorry everybody-guess one has to be a member of NETFLIX to see this which I failed to mention.. Duh.

  4. Paul on February 23rd, 2017

    Love the painting! And David Lynch’s description of the depth from which both happiness and intelligence flow.

    Today someone I’ve known casually for 30 years shared the story of his near death experience at 5 years of age. I was blown away. Nothing like a brush with mortality to put things in perspective. We bonded in 10 minutes more than in the prior 30 years. The deep stuff does that to you.

    I misunderstood meditation throughout my four years in an ashram so long ago. I wanted to go somewhere, and was frustrated that I never went there. But it’s really just about observing and bringing the subconscious into consciousness without judgement. Accepting and loving yourself is a first step toward the feeling of bliss which is experienced as gratitude for this miracle of life.

  5. Paul on February 23rd, 2017

    and awe

  6. Jann Tenenbaum on September 23rd, 2017

    Ironically, I am at the Center For Buddhist Study in Barre, MA. I thought, what better to do, after the thin walls between myself and my neighbor woke me up when her alarm went off, than to spend time with my friend Cathy. The band-width here (really?) is not enough to play the video, but Meditation is queued up and I will watch it in the other world as soon as I get back.
    This is the program I am attending. We’ll talk! Love you.

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