How a Heart Gets Plumped


Sometimes twice a year

My blonde sister visits me.

I say that

As all in my family

Are blonde

But me.

Dreary Oregon days

Wetted her down

The past 100 days

Or so…

I prayed for sun;

Making a deal

With God:

If He/She delivered

I’d start meditating

In the mornings

Beginning my day

With my own 

Fervent prayer

For goodness

To glitter-bomb

All who could use a shine.

As it happened


We ate and drank

And just looked around

At stuff;

Told stories

Of bad husbandsX

And other curious choices.

I saw her bloom

In the sunshine.

I was,

Like a plant,

Ever drawn 

Toward the essence 

Of her.

My recently

Chipped front tooth

Really saw 

The light;


As we did.

Now she is gone.

My blonde sister

Has left.

I feel hungry

In my heart.







3 Responses to “How a Heart Gets Plumped”

  1. Dennis Chamberlain on May 24th, 2017

    I love hearing about this wonderful relationship! Still, it makes me sad when she has to leave.

  2. Pam on May 24th, 2017

    What a great picture, Cathy! And I love the writing of your visit together: loving and warm. xoxo

  3. Jennifer on May 24th, 2017

    How I loved seeing you! And what a treat to have (more than one!) person talk about how we look alike. So nice to be focused now on our similarities and not our differences. We share so much. Looking forward to Christmas 🙂

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