Look Away

“Nerve” monoprint,22×30


Staying abreast of world news

Leaves me feeling fractured and weary.

“Look away” friends say.

“Save your sanity and keep your mind a stress-free zone” is such an appealing idea.

I try it for awhile and do stay edited down to bare bones informed.

Turning from the crackling drama to the brightness of morning;

My morning.

This morning.

And yet the “mourning” for civility, clear-eyed confidence, and empathy-extension stretching beyond the little “s” self 


Looking away “out there” never


Mends my soul.

When a new and unfamiliar numb appendage or pocket of pain 

Presents its ‘self in my body

Just telescoping my attention outside the thing

Still leaves me feeling bedeviled.

The only way out is in.


Meaning:  I have found that for me, the alleviation of angst occurs only when I shift my gaze from the perceived source (drama, illness, confusion)

To the “Cathy” behind and between all the stuff I am so sure is TRUE.

The witness Cathy.

The Oceanic Cathy instead of just the “wave-in-the-ocean” Cath.

From here, all is good..perfect even.

It seems the only way we gain entry into this ocean is through suffering.

I hate suffering.

But I love being able to find my Source and steep in Her.

I hate suffering.

But I found Love and peace because of it.

But I still hate suffering.


2 Responses to “Look Away”

  1. Adele on May 18th, 2017

    You are so right about In and so good at bringing it Out
    Infinite gratitude xxx

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on May 18th, 2017

    We have so much to learn from you. Always, thank you! xxA

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