“Can You Help Me?”

“WANTON” ceramic,steel, 7x4x4



This evening in Santa Fe is perfection in the cloud department.

I was rollin’ feeling very fine and then-

Emma adventured into a tangle of chairs and such.

Her leash got stuck in a number of places.

I carry scissors in case this too familiar scene is un-get-out-able

But I didn’t want to spend heftily for a new retractable leash


ME to a benign-seeming stranger: “Can you help me?”

Now- I should know better than this because it has happened so often.

The energetic reaction I got from this person went from: “Oh my god…this wheelchair person needs something from me” and “I am late for the theater and tired of shelling out cash to the needy” as well as “WAAAYYYY too much need in the world! I can’t help EVERYONE!”

She displayed frustration, fear, impatience and displeasure.

Of course these are the stories I told myself from reading the energy evident in those nano seconds before I remembered to


At which she relaxed and became my evening hero.

I wanted a cocktail when I got home..

Exhausted from the chaotic mess of an evening.

I am in my chair so things are not physically demanding but the psychological navigating that needs to take place sometimes leaves me breathless. My job is really to educate people about how best to be with me; attempting to foster a positive and fairly natural connection with a marginalized part of the population.

I like doing this but today I needed a good kvetch. It is often challenging to take care of myself AND those around me too.


3 Responses to ““Can You Help Me?””

  1. Alexandra on August 5th, 2017

    Xoxo lots of love, A

  2. Irene on August 5th, 2017

    Kvetching can be as therapeutic as a bowl of chicken soup…:)

  3. Rita Kindl Myers on August 6th, 2017

    I hear you loud and clear. I often have very similar thoughts…People see me as someone in need of help, but it is reciprocal…They may need ‘openness’, as in learning not to rely on assumptions. We all need to listen more…

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