Keeping an Eye Out

detail of painting,m/m


Rolling downtown I pass a bank of windows; eternally sparkling clean.

Who works here? I have wondered… recognizing a level of integrity gleaming in the midst of, shall we say “other”.

One day a lovely woman about my age ran out the door flagging me down.

“I’m Sheri. I see you pass by here so often and wanted to introduce myself”.

We had a spirited conversation and since then, as I pass her window I turn to wave and she does too.

So fun to expand my community in these seemingly little ways

That aren’t so little at all.

Bladder infections are visited on my weary physical self on a pretty regular basis as a pesky MS related take-away.

Needing to get out of the house yesterday I pulled my remaining energy together and ventured forth.

Approaching Sheri’s window I lowered my hat brim and scooted by without my usual acknowledgement in her direction as I hadn’t the inclination nor energy to bring up cordiality.

Today I had enough juice to resume our greetings and she emphatically held one finger up asking me to pause and wait.

She came outside and knelt down in the heat to even her eyes with mine;

“Are you ok? You didn’t seem ok yesterday. I needed to check on you.”

Instantly I dropped into the safety and comfort of having been seen and registered with curiosity and compassion by another of my species sharing minimal history.

This felt miraculous to me.

I told her so.

We basked in the incredulity of the gift of communion in a surprise visit to church on a Santa Fe back street one day in September.


4 Responses to “Keeping an Eye Out”

  1. Jenny on September 1st, 2017

    Amen xx

  2. Becky Patterson on September 1st, 2017

    Every small moment, movement, is important no matter how “small”, to connect
    One human heart to the other. So glad you wrote about this big story. At the end of the day that’s all that counts. Kindness. Words. Compassion. Even if it’s through big glass windows, rolling by in 2 seconds. Neither of you are invisible. I’m so sorry you don’t feel well. UI are not fun.

  3. Dennis Chamberlain on September 1st, 2017

    Hooray for Sheri! And thank you not only for the post but especially for this last sentence – a masterpiece:

    “We basked in the incredulity of the gift of communion in a surprise visit to church on a Santa Fe back street one day in September.”

  4. gerry harty on September 2nd, 2017

    Simply beautiful Cathy!

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