Who We Are – Who Are We?

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A good friend sent this video to me this morning.

I want you to watch it.

I think it is important to see girls and women dancing and keeping their attention WITHIN themselves (zero eye contact with watchers);

None of their fierce, sexy, wild yet contained life force leaking out looking for any kind of approval.

So sure of themselves they are as they stomp and dip..arch and invite..say NO! and then YES!…then NO!

Then Yes.

I am still learning how to harbor my own authenticity

Without shame or hesitation or constant questioning of myself.

So often when I feel raw power coursing through me I pause and look around trying to decipher if I am being perceived as some kind of oddity.

Being an artist served me so well as it was just me in the studio; me witnessing me- very entertaining at times!

Learning ourselves as we truly are with no cultural or familial overlays is hard work.

It is so important to have models of what feminine power can look like.

I gather examples as I go along.

Of course these examples will be different for each of us

But learning how to say a definitive “NO!”

And a really good “YES!”

Just with our bodies

Is a really good start.


4 Responses to “Who We Are – Who Are We?”

  1. Irene on September 4th, 2017

    Wow! I never realized the empowerment and earthiness of flamenco before.

  2. Dennis Chamberlain on September 4th, 2017

    Thanks to your friend for sending the link and to you for sharing it. Dancing is such an expressive art form. What really works here is the confidence of the dancers, in conjunction with some great moves.

  3. Becky Patterson on September 5th, 2017

    Cathy. What’re ever you witness, notice, pass by, you have a unique intuitive take on it. Poetic but right as rain interpretation that gives further thought than to be merely entertained. I love that these students dance as they are, no shoes, tennis shoes, ratty jeans, party dresses. Dress doesn’t matter. Their spirits and passion dominate. You, like blessed artists and writers both in word and creative making see the world like that. No others have that 2 dementia mal observation. Thanks for your slant on that!

  4. gerry harty on September 5th, 2017

    Thanks Cathy for sharing this…such a powerful dance…I shared it on my FB page and gave the well deserved credit to you,the source!xoxo

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