How I Keep Getting Up

“RENAISSANCE” naturally pigmented , 10’x3’earth, wood


I’m talkin’ ’bout getting up in the morning and rising above the aches, weariness, thoughts of “not-good-for-much today”, undercurrent of hating the world and peeing my pants…

(Gotcha’ with that last one, eh?)

You may be aware MS is often accompanied by this symptom).

My greatest medicine is a way of looking….perceiving.

Our current outer world is uncivil, ill-mannered, divided.

It affects me so much.

I want to shrink away from it all;… MY pain.. THE pain just living our daily lives demands of each of us.

I find myself getting smaller energetically and less available to the barrage of bullets.




1. Mental health is just as important as physical health and we can’t survive without it. My definition of mental health means we can easily access a reserve of energy to think new things, live moderately well in the unknown in the company of the natural anxieties arriving moment by moment. KEY word: A RESERVE of life juice. A savings account of self-love. HOW?

2. I put myself next to, behind or near people/beings of character through personal contact, video online, film, books, friends, animals.

3. I create beauty to keep myself entertained; decorating myself and my home and noticing it in others and telling them.

4. Remembering we only really have this moment after all is said and done, I cry, wipe the tears with 2-ply tissue, patch the hole in my skirt, apply lipstick and scent and roll on.

5. Depression finds my chest feeling collapsed. I remember my posture and get comfortably straight then breath into my belly. This creates instant pride in a good way.

6. Too much time alone and I get so bored with myself. Out we go- Emma and me into the wilderness of life. I go fast in my chair and sing stupid ditties into the wind.

7. Eating plants and green stuff is good but a slice of carrot cake with too much frosting is grand medicine.

8. Give something to someone. SOMETHING YOU VALUE to a stranger; a smile, even “Hello” will lift someone else but mostly you.

9. Down time with head under the covers is part of remaining healthy. Just get up before you forget the sound of youtr own voice.

10. Buy flowers. For your own precious self.

11. Remember the strongest truth there is: EVERYTHING DAMN THING CHANGES. ( NATURE points to this reality and the comfort/alarm in it). Comfort is not the goal.

12. Finding the good in the bad starts out being kindof exhausting but this is the most effective way to a thriving life I know.

I would say what keeps me on top of my game the most is subscribing to the philosophy of WABI SABI- the perfection of imperfection. Cultivating a way of looking.. .click here:


7 Responses to “How I Keep Getting Up”

  1. CaroleZoom on October 7th, 2017

    I love joining you for a virtual stroll and sing a long!

  2. Irene on October 7th, 2017

    Amen to #7!

    Also: “Find out who you are and then do it on purpose.”–Dolly Parton

  3. Becky Patterson on October 7th, 2017

    I agree with and love all those points of finding beauty, energy, worth. Your assignment
    Is particularly difficult. But yes we all have been surrounded by angry-making things. You’ve given
    It great thought. How best to live. I’ve always thought imperfection is more beautiful. That’s what I
    Liked when I took raku
    Pottery. Those images. Are like abstract art. Well art is seeing delights in color and shape. I’m too tired to keep talking. Gonna go crash. But I love you and that you can find some sort of peace. Gonna go buy flowers!????

  4. Jenny on October 7th, 2017

    Oh yes Steve McCurry. His lens is amazing , and eye for illuminating. And I had been trying to figure out how to order my house full of junk being stored from Mum and Dads homes, my brother until he is back in NZ, my papers from working life. And suddenly I realised the house is my home when it is a bit messy, slightly chaotic and then people come! And so I don’t need to strive for that sort of perfection anymore. I like to think that the house is like potting mix and seeds can grow in it. Xxx

  5. Dennis Chamberlain on October 7th, 2017

    Words of wisdom from a very wise woman. I printed this out so that I can refer back to these words often!

  6. Maureen on October 7th, 2017

    what Dennis wrote. I printed this to hang in my kitchen. Cathy you are always such an inspiration. I wish I could meet you in person. You are just so steady and real. And I know … life is that struggle getting up, wanting to roll on, breathing into our bellies… your sharing of that helps me roll on. Thank you

  7. seth on October 8th, 2017

    As ever, you touch the heart of truth and of us all.
    much love to you.

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