Raven Walking


I saw a raven walking.
Really more of a strut.
He felt himself fully
Flashing this way and that.
Hysterical children
Bothered him not.
He walked;
Courting no one.

I am like him.
Little need
To bolster my flash.
I enjoy my lot
Taking only as much
As I need.
I roll on;
Courting no one
In particular.

That raven I saw
Has a black stride
More secure
Than my own.
I did notice
He had
One feather

His naturally black eyes
Have no overleaves
Of pretense or posturing.
The swagger he owns
And the flash too;
He can’t divorce himself
From who he is.

I got up this morning
And vacuumed
The dustbunnies
Off my precious
And secret
When I emptied
The bag
It was less full
Than yesterday.
(Big sigh)

I roll.
Hoping to meet that raven.
“Thank you
For showing me
Your Real”
I shall say.
“Here is some of mine
For you.”



5 Responses to “Raven Walking”

  1. Dennis Chamberlain on October 2nd, 2017

    Well said Lady C – I totally get it!

  2. Bryan Adams on October 2nd, 2017

    Hoka Hey. . .

    Peace and Love

  3. Barbara McDaniel on October 2nd, 2017

    Ha – those were supposed to be hearts!

  4. Cathy on October 2nd, 2017


  5. Debra Moody on October 3rd, 2017

    Just perfect!

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