All of It


Early this morning Emma and I jetted downtown.

The holiday streets were bare of humans.

The return of my wheelchair after a week of being in the shop and me held prisoner at home

Provoked a middle-of-the-road, fifth gear frolic.

The line at Starbuck’s was out the door already.

A single dad behind me in line chatted me up due to the cement grey solemnity he met in his visiting 3 kids.

I could taste the awkward hunger for some sort of bridge between them.

All of us turned to Emma to save us.

A loud, video-gaming recalcitrant young un’ pushed everyones’ borderline sanity into the red zone

Until a stranger braved an approach to the family and said: ” Please turn down the volume of the video game.”

The father huffed.

I had left my paper, sunglasses and Emma’s leash on a table to ensure I had a place to sit.

Negotiating my chair through the throng of holiday-altered folks

I returned with coffee to the safe zone I had smartly saved for us.

The single Dad settled his chicks at a table nearby slurping breakfast Frappuccinos and headed over to my table.

He stood chatting for too long and I understood he desired safe harbor.

I just couldn’t save him.

I needed the pseudo- peace of this morning to feel the simple pleasure of Emma in my lap and muse about how it feels to be a sensitive person; perceptive enough to pick up the nuances of the surrounding family constellations

As well as the slight fog of single people without family near.

I was pleased I did what I needed to do for myself this morning by not throwing the life preserver to the guy.

He ended up sitting at the community table by himself.

Feeling the world as deeply as we all do; the discordant symphony of Life itself

Tests us all moment by moment.

Finishing my coffee I left to roll about my beloved town.

A bit of silent communion was had as I caught the eyes of a few fellow travelers and smiled.

I felt in love with all of it.


6 Responses to “All of It”

  1. Ellen Fox on November 23rd, 2017

    Good for you keeping yourself for yourself. A great recounting.

  2. Barbara on November 23rd, 2017

    Thanks for posting today. I have fond memories of past Thanksgivings with you in NM! ??????

  3. Barbara on November 23rd, 2017

    Thanks for posting today. I have fond memories of past Thanksgivings with you in NM! ?????? Those are hearts!

  4. Dennis Chamberlain on November 24th, 2017

    I have read this little masterpiece several times now and get as much enjoyment and enlightenment from some of the individual sentences as i do from the whole piece. I could say it is like “being there” but it is even better than that – because of the artful, creative prose from “middle of the road, fifth gear frolic” to “all of us turned to Emma to save us”. One of my definitions of great art (few agree with me, but I am unwavering on this) is that it is “more real than reality”. This totally qualifies. Bravo, Lady C. Now excuse me while to go to the top to read it again…….

  5. Jenny on November 25th, 2017

    Yep I couldn’t say it better than Dennis. It’s really great. Xx

  6. Alexandra Eldridge on November 26th, 2017

    Big love to you and thank you for your constant spiritual lessons. xxA

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