I Sing

“BIRD”, 2001, 5″ x 4″ x 4″, ceramic




Ever-present oceans
Of adoration
And also
Fairly gracious
“Get a move on, wheelchair girl!!”

Does each
And every
Tree trunk
It’s own personal
Dog symphony?

In her complete silence
Emma is
A potent diplomat.
She instantly shifts all
Granting us a few untainted moments.

If she likes someone
She may
Grant the fortunate
A tiny tail wag
Or even a lick.

Never needy
Or unappreciative
When I move
Away from her
In bed at night.

It is then
I hear a rustle of blanket
And slight adjustment
Until the press
Of her warm back
Meets mine again.

Emma is communion.
A wafer and wine at mass
Don’t hold a candle to her.
I open my personally writ hymn book
And sing.

– CA.



7 Responses to “I Sing”

  1. Pam on December 12th, 2017

    I love this, Cathy! Thank you.

  2. CaroleZoom on December 12th, 2017

    Gorgeous images!

  3. Barbara on December 12th, 2017

    All your wonderful writings should be in a book.
    Love your relationship with Emma…I get it.


  4. Debra Moody on December 12th, 2017

    Bless you both. Love you’s.

  5. Adele on December 13th, 2017

    Brought tears to my eyes
    Dog is truly God spelled backwards
    Love you both xxx

  6. Becky Patterson on December 16th, 2017

    As I read this my little feral kitten curls up on my thighs seeking body heat. When my 4 cats lay down in bed with me all is well. I lack nothing. Thanks for your words on your companion. They seek warmth. We seek creature comfort. Thanks for your OSALM. They are holy

  7. Irene on December 22nd, 2017

    Emma is too lovely for words.

    Happy holidays!…wishing you a wonderful 2018 filled with joy and stable health.

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