Mere Mortals

Emma and me at The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum


A good bit of family joined me here in Santa Fe over the holidays.

Sister, brother-in-law and nephew plus his fiance.

There were extended family as well.

For a girl pretty used to solitude this particular conglomeration of humans felt so good.

Entering the age in which one is acutely aware of aging brings with it a surprisingly potent form of super-glue regarding blood family where once there was none.

When I am near family my tired defensiveness about life in general seeps away as I know I have a soft place to fall no matter what.

I imagine I feel this more acutely as I don’t have kids so my family and friends are the ones holding the trampoline at street level should I teeter too far from some high rise in search of who knows what.

My family settled into a very fine AIRB&B.

One of us had been stricken with a virus en-route to Santa Fe.

As each day dawned another of us fell into various levels of stupor.

It didn’t hit me until their final day for which I am glad.

Recuperating in bed I watched mind movies of my family being their lovely selves; easy, fun, entertaining, nurturing, inspiring, authentic.

I feel proud to share their bloodline.

Think of all the effort it took for each of these people to get on planes and travel to Santa Fe!

Never, never would I take this for granted.

They are the best medicine.

I love them so.


5 Responses to “Mere Mortals”

  1. Barbara McDaniel on January 5th, 2018

    Oh, I am so happy for you – my heart swells and tears come. Simply beautiful.

  2. CaroleZoom on January 5th, 2018

    What a wonderful vignette.

  3. Jenny on January 6th, 2018

    Really lovely , and that you have super-glue and mind movies. So good.

  4. Jann Tenenbaum on January 6th, 2018

    First…what a picture. My friend beside a window, looking out, iconic hat and dog. Opps…..forgot…. and wheelchair. your back so straight, so proud. I loved every word of this, you are such a beautiful writer. I am so happy you have your family. I am so happy they have you. I love you Cathy Calling.

  5. Dennis Chamberlain on January 12th, 2018

    Jann said it so well – what a moving photograph of you and Emma. As for families – they can be such a mixed blessing. You are so fortunate with yours.

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