The Soulful, Sonorous Sounds of David



I love David.

I actually am IN love with him.

When I hear the salve of his soundings

It feels like honey in my heart.

DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S voice has just the right combo of gravitas, innocence, awe, humor, wisdom, silliness and nobility

To allow me immediate rapture regarding any damn thing he says.

Today, that thing was the brand new BBC PLANET EARTH II series. (link is to NETFLIX listing)

I just watched the first episode on ISLANDS

And reveled in the advances technology has made in the ability to capture Nature in such glorious intimacy and power.

Here it is: BBC PLANET EARTH II narrated by my guy: David Attenborough.

Use it as the perfect buffer to whatever-the-hell-it-is we are living through these days.


No pretense…sigh.

(except that horrible bird that pretends to be something he’s not and steals the eggs from the mother bird out gathering nest material and then he EATS them slurpily..)


2 Responses to “The Soulful, Sonorous Sounds of David”

  1. Becky Patterson on February 1st, 2018

    What adjectives to describe a voice! And on a nature program. I too have fallen under the spell of a voice lately. Sitting around the wood stove at Luckenbach listening to Bob Livingston. Fabulous prolific songwriter ( used to be in Jerry Jeff Walkers Lost Gonzo Band) his lines:” Rubys got a new idea, a short cut to the sun.” And “she saw the hunger in my face.” Funny how you can fall in love with a voice. And ” when you knock on my door I’m not lonely anymore”….????????????????

  2. Debra Moody on February 5th, 2018

    David Attenborough’s voice describing nature is to Bob Ross’s voice describing happy little clouds. Both so lovely!

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