Oh my god….Where is God?

best photo I ever took (says me..)



Acck!!!! The world is a mess!

It always was actually but these days feel so raw and gruesomely change-filled and my person-hood is bruised and bereft.

Oh my god. Where are You?

What is a spiritual life anyway?

For me- valuable spiritual work is about sometimes undoing and unloading the mind rather than its continual enrichment.

Creating space rather than filling it.

Getting quiet instead of adding to inane conversation.

Saying “I don’t know” when I don’t.

When desire rules my senses..give something to another.

Recognize humility and vulnerability as exalted states.

Live as an inter-dependent human.

Respect Life. ALL Life.

Protect and support the weak, small, infirm.

Find space more interesting than form.

Beware of too comfortable a life.

Learn and claim my worth.

Keep working to exercise and refine my “voice”.

Try not to leave appreciation unexpressed.

Find Beauty in every thing…EVERY thing. Yes, even that.

Recognize when I am triggered by something or someone it usually means something in me needs healing.

Guilt, blame, shame are impotent uses of my energy.

Doing what I can to raise my frequency as a human is the most productive thing I know to do.

Remember that Love is a state of being and not a feeling. Do all I can to get there and stay there.

Because that is God to me.


3 Responses to “Oh my god….Where is God?”

  1. Barbara on October 6th, 2018

    This is really potent. I love it from beginning to end. I’m going to print it and put it on my wall. I wish a wide audience reads this. Love you Cath!!

  2. Jann Tenenbaum on October 6th, 2018

    Oh my darling. Such an inward look, so determined, so fierce, full of inner knowledge. I am used to your outward eye, to looking at what has drawn your attention from your interior to the world around you. I don’t remember you so inward, dare I sway angry? I love it.

  3. Becky Patterson on October 8th, 2018

    Right on! Especially negative space, being still Quiet. Learning to be alone. Yes that tree surviving with
    No visible means of support is perfect reminder for us all. I’ll reread this over and over. Love. Becky

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