Can -You -Copia?


What is a cornucopia anyway?

This is my Thanksgiving morning conundrum.



a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.
an ornamental container shaped like a goat’s horn.
an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind.
“the festival offers a cornucopia of pleasures”
synonyms: an abundance, a profusion, a plentifulness, a profuseness, a copiousness, an amplitude, a lavishness, a bountifulness, a bounty


Following a weird but vivid dream I was prompted to ask a friend if I had ever disappointed him in the past in a big way he might never have told me.

His answer really isn’t the point though..

Not one of us can claim never to have initiated disappointment in another…duh…

Many folks who love me look at my life and wish I had an easier ride.

If my life had not included a narcissist mother, alcoholic father, divorce, rape, illness, blah..blah..blah..

Would it have been “better”?

Easier, by god yes indeed..

But better?

We each have our laundry lists of suffering..some seeming more dramatic than others

But suffering is suffering.

If I had had an easier ride would I have disappointed fewer people because of less drama? Would I have had more of my wits about me to conjure less hurtful, unconscious behavior ?

What IS a good life anyway?

My definition is this:


This morning’s example is this: Petting Emma’s neck I have a wave of tidal love recognizing the fragility, strength, soft and noble beauty I have snoring on my lap.

I am being my own horn of plenty;

With my breath I blow the awareness


Into the thing

And the tears turn to diamonds

Because I say so.

(Sometimes it takes some heavy breathing..just FYI.)



I give thanks to you, my dear readers who give me the gift of witness. You keep me real. xxx


3 Responses to “Can -You -Copia?”

  1. Dominique Mazeaud on November 22nd, 2018

    I GIVE THANKS TO YOU in a way I can hardly describe in words.

    Hoping to be there when I catch you rolling down with Emma and I can give you both a hug.


  2. Irene on November 22nd, 2018

    All the bad garbage that we’ve gone through has made us what we are today…strong, competent, wise women.

    Thank you for sharing your strength, vulnerability and wisdom. We walk this journey together.


  3. Becky Patterson on November 23rd, 2018

    With my breath I blow my awareness
    Omg. Another good one that puts us all to shame in our self pity, complaining… That goes on for years. I live tears turned to diamonds. As I write I have my little cat in my lap. June Bug I rescued , Feral. Poised to
    Jump on a Junebug Her inly meal. She’ll never be big bc she had a disease. She seeks out my lap in this chair and lays by my side at night there are others but gets is the love I seek. And melt into euphoria that this an ANIMAL that can be tamed and communicate with me. I need nothing else but her live and companionship. Your skill as a witness to all things simple and profound we thank YOU for!

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