Stand Up Girl

Dear everyone,

I am slowly recovering my remembered sense of Self yet still have not replaced my caregiver of 7 years I lost a few months ago. Everything came crashing in dealing with the line up of temps needing endless guidance as to how to care for me and which way I like my towels folded.

I am exhausted but amazed at my resilience which, in part, comes from my stellar cadre of humans who love me and stepped up to fill in the landscape of gaps left in my absent caregivers’ wake. Humbling.. you ask? Indeed so but I keep amazing myself as I deal with this underbelly I’ve been dealt; the things I learn, the Life I now experience with my altered awareness that remained veiled before.

Sometimes it feels like church every day and then the scene shifts to scrubbing toilets metaphorically speaking.

I have an invitation to extend. I don’t look like this picture anymore but it makes me happy to remember my precious human self and see my true nature reflected in the eyes of someone fairly untouched by chronic illness. I love her and am working on loving the me of today.
Thank you for your presence in my life.

Here is the invitation:


3 Responses to “Stand Up Girl”

  1. Karren Sahler on September 13th, 2019

    There you are, darlin’! I sure have been missing you and your lovely thoughts. Donation made with great love and in honor of your continuing independence.

    You are so loved. Blessings to you and Emma.


  2. Irene on September 13th, 2019

    I’ve had my own journey this summer, having been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (surgery done, waiting to start radiation). I’ve been so touched and humbled by the wonderful support I’ve received from the healthcare professionals I’ve dealt with. And my wonderful neighbors and friends fed me for a week with good ol’ home cooking.

    I’ve happily made a donation to help keep your spirit shining. 🙂


  3. Becky Patterson on September 13th, 2019

    You keep amazing all of us. You are a true queen. And the weaker you get the stronger you get. Whittled down to the real self. We can’t really realize how HARD that must be to do. I do wish you could get a caregiver tho. Just to be safe. And tell right off you’re picky. I love and admire you so much. You and your “village”

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